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Peer Review Process

Peer Review Policy

Jurnal Sophist (P-ISSN: 2656-1220 E-ISSN: 2745-8571) is an open-access journal with peer-reviewed principles.

This journal uses Open Journal Systems 3.3.1, which is open source journal management and publishing software developed, supported, and freely distributed by the Public Knowledge Project under the GNU General Public License.

Peer Review Process


STEP 1      Submission Author submit the article to the journal website, and fill the metadata for OAI Indexing.  Author must complete the process until the article been successfully submitted to the Journal.        

STEP 2     Submission’s Review On this stage, Editor send the Article to The Reviewer, The Reviewer read the article anonymously ( blind peer-review), The Author can see the progress through the OJS, whether the article been accepted or not, or need some revision, or need to bee re-submitted by editor’s request

STEP 3     Submission Editing After being reviewed and revised. Authors edit the article based on copyeditor’s reviews and proofread’s galley

Editor & Senior Editor

STEP 1      Submission Queue Editor send the article to The Section Editor and send the assignment to review the article.

STEP 2     Submission’s Review Section Editor accept the assignment from the Editor, and decide whether the article’s being accepted or not, need some revision or not. Section Editor sent the article to the peer-reviewer.

STEP 3     Submission’s Editing After being revised  by the author, article will be send to the Copyeditor to fix the layout and proofread the article

STEP 4     Issue Management After being reviewed by Copyediting (through some revision or not) Editors create the issue that represent the various articles for the latest journal edition

STEP 5     Publication,  Editors offers immediate open or delayed open access with some subscription

Other Role

Step 1      Journal Manager Setup and Configure The Jurnal: Enroll editors, Reviewer, Copy Editor,  Layout Editor, Proofreader

Step 2      Editor inviters reviewers from database with interest.

Step 3      Reviewer submits the review and recommendation

Step 4      Copy Editors fix typo and grammatical error

Step 5      Layouter design the jurnal’s layout

Step 6      Submission Archive Article has been recorded and being proceed for publishing.