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Analisis Pembangunan Perdamaian dan Rekonsiliasi Paska Konflik Sunni dan Syiah di Sampang Madura


In a pluralistic society, social conflict often occurs with uncanny
complexity. The Sampang conflict between the Sunni and Shia Muslim
communities has an impact on several things such as instability, social
uncertainty, also the decadence of unity and integrity. This article wants
to analyze the background of the conflict. In addition, this essay also
attempts to explain the post-conflict peace building and reconciliation
process and its important elements. This kind of conflict requires a special
approach so that similar conflicts do not recur in the future. The method
used in this research is qualitative and descriptive analysis method. This
research found that the conflict happened because of the difference
perception of each groups regarding the history of Islam which affected
stereortye between Sunni as majority group to Shia as Minority group in
Sampang, Madura. This research also found that the government of
Indonesia both local and Jakarta, failed to facilitate peace building and
reconciliation process. It can be shown when the Shia refugees are
rejected to come back to their village in Sampang by the Sunni Majority.


Conflict, Sampang, madura, sunni, syiah, peace building reconciliation


Author Biography

Dahlil Imran

Faculty of Political Science - Postgraduate student of Political Science Study Program